Im a person with lots of thoughts going through my mind☺️…but still roaming with a smile ….scars are a kind of daily greetings for me….and feeling for such things are getting used to it……for everyone -having friends and being with them will give them comfort but for me having myself as a companion will give me a good zone of happiness …..


Taking any relationship including friendship seriously wont give you any pleasure….. truly speaking best ever relationship that everyone having from our birth is with our parents💓…that will never change….we always ignore them from all oru happy moments when we start growing….and being called ourselves a so called mature person😒….but still they remain in the same place where they stand 20 years ago…..they dont expect anything from us expect a small piece of cake from that huge one given to us by them….

Being yourself will pull you down in every situations….and people start to adjust ,being fake…..being bad is not everyone’s intention …. Their view of world over others differs🌐…For me being yourself will give me the satisfaction of not hurting anyone by any of our fake activities…. actually fake is now a kind of trend….people who are all fake🙂 are now treated as a smart one….and if you would like to be yourself …thn you will be a treated as a poor guy who not able to handle things…. actually thats not …..being yourself is not an offensive for adjusting …we have our own ways for handling such things

Have friends around you and have your parents within you💓….

Lets start this year 2k18 😎…..

Happy new year❄️❤🔥


im back here to share ….i have been busy for a while….now i started a new part of my life ..i am strong nd i will dont care about anyone and want to live my own life………..:)647_010517091159


Today a bit sad for some reasons but not like in the past…REASON: expectations and RESULTS: disappointment………hard to overcome but now a days it was bit easier for me to get my thoughts out of it and im used to it ……

and i was also annoyed by some people’s foolish backstabbing behavior  …….and also i found difficult to avoid those characters…..its a sin for me to be surrounded by fake people .sometimes i wondered that how the faces(original) of those creatures are only seen by me but for others they have the best character in the world ….anyhow just ignored all those irritating and unwanted things ….

And another dissapointment for me:this time its my phone …….plss come to papa sooon….im waiting for you…(yes i have been waiting to order my phone for last 3 weeks but everytime when I logged in, it just buzz me the same message as”SOLD OUT”…:(     but today much closer than previous visit, but still the same result that i have mentioned ..yes the same ‘d’ word  😦



i think its after  a month im here to blog ,it didnt mean that im so busy ….actually its because of lack of network…:( and now from my side i think life has changed a lot for me..after lots of pain and disappointments .now its going in the right way,  my view have changed a lot on many things …and from here i want to persist and move on …..but stil there is some thoughts which is going through my mind that cant be explained …..i know that part will only be a small part in my life but it deserves a lot…….to be frank is good but sometimes it may cause a serious effect in our own needs……

ANY WAY…now im happpy:) and im satisfied with wat i have and i have urge to learn a lot ..and i think it is the right time come out of the crowd ..nd explore……



im_here_to_share-   Im a new blogger nd im here to share my thoughts……(dont worry i will not bore u guys). 1st i will begin with why i have created this blog -i was admired by a book “ITS ALL IN THE PLANET” by Peerti Shenoy…in that ,there is a character ‘Nidhi’ who blogs everyday and i feel its like instead of being alone blogging is a nice companian,thats why i have started this….

i will blog my thoughts and happenings here to just feel free ……:)