im_here_to_share-   Im a new blogger nd im here to share my thoughts……(dont worry i will not bore u guys). 1st i will begin with why i have created this blog -i was admired by a book “ITS ALL IN THE PLANET” by Peerti Shenoy…in that ,there is a character ‘Nidhi’ who blogs everyday and i feel its like instead of being alone blogging is a nice companian,thats why i have started this….

i will blog my thoughts and happenings here to just feel free ……:)


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im a college student of MSEC,chennai...nd i love to be honest to people nd i expect the same from them.....footy :)

6 thoughts on “begineer:)”

  1. First of all as a new blogger.. you might have to take down the default first post on your blog. Edit your about page and make some friends!
    Follow a bunch a folks. . Comment on their stuff. . Try to find people who write stuff that interests you and soon blogging will become a blossoming garden of happiness!

    Good luck!

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