i think its after  a month im here to blog ,it didnt mean that im so busy ….actually its because of lack of network…:( and now from my side i think life has changed a lot for me..after lots of pain and disappointments .now its going in the right way,  my view have changed a lot on many things …and from here i want to persist and move on …..but stil there is some thoughts which is going through my mind that cant be explained …..i know that part will only be a small part in my life but it deserves a lot…….to be frank is good but sometimes it may cause a serious effect in our own needs……

ANY WAY…now im happpy:) and im satisfied with wat i have and i have urge to learn a lot ..and i think it is the right time come out of the crowd ..nd explore……



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im a college student of MSEC,chennai...nd i love to be honest to people nd i expect the same from them.....footy :)

5 thoughts on “circuitous..”

  1. Its a great post of motivation!
    Whatever that hurts you.. try expressing them in an exaggerated story or a piece of poetry.

    Ive found writing about unexplainable things.. a great escape from the poisoning memories!

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