Today a bit sad for some reasons but not like in the past…REASON: expectations and RESULTS: disappointment………hard to overcome but now a days it was bit easier for me to get my thoughts out of it and im used to it ……

and i was also annoyed by some people’s foolish backstabbing behavior  …….and also i found difficult to avoid those characters…..its a sin for me to be surrounded by fake people .sometimes i wondered that how the faces(original) of those creatures are only seen by me but for others they have the best character in the world ….anyhow just ignored all those irritating and unwanted things ….

And another dissapointment for me:this time its my phone …….plss come to papa sooon….im waiting for you…(yes i have been waiting to order my phone for last 3 weeks but everytime when I logged in, it just buzz me the same message as”SOLD OUT”…:(     but today much closer than previous visit, but still the same result that i have mentioned ..yes the same ‘d’ word  😦



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im a college student of MSEC,chennai...nd i love to be honest to people nd i expect the same from them.....footy :)

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